Never Miss a Monday: Core Blast Workout (Video)

Want a stronger core? You better work! Start the week off right with this amazing core blast workout that will have your abs screaming for mercy. We’ve added a little cardio, too, so your heart rate won’t miss out on the action. 3…2…1… SWEAT! 

Who doesn’t want a toned, flat stomach?


Yeah, I figured I’d hear crickets on that one.

A flat stomach is the often-elusive goal of women, as that “problem area” lives up to its name a little too well.

While nutrition is the number one necessary item on the list of things that flatten those abs, it’s important to supplement a clean diet with cardio and core exercises. This workout does both, wrapped up into one short little burst that you can add on to the end of your regular workout routine. Do this once if you’re adding it on to another workout, or repeat 3 times as a standalone routine.


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